Campus Navigator by Atlabs, voted best SDNE Capstone @ Sheridan College

During my final year at Sheridan College, I lead team Atlabs on a wild journey in ideating, developing, and presenting the Campus Navigator at the Sheridan College 2019 Capstone Showcase. The event was outstanding – KUDOS to everyone who partook and shared their projects across both the Software Development & Network Engineering (SDNE) and Mobile […]

Infinifish @ Fishackathon – ID via Spectroscopy

Bringing the world together to protect life in our waters, make fisheries and aquaculture more sustainable and equitable, and preserve our planet’s future. The only thing better than eating fish is hacking them. In the proverbial sense of course. On the second week of February, I lead team ‘Finna hit a Fin’ at Hackernest’s annual […]

Sudoku Engine

It’s been a few months since its completion, but I finally got around to making this post. Here’s to the release of Sudoku! Sudoku Engine Java Sudoku Engine is a project built using FXML for PROG24178 at Sheridan College. It’s a neat little desktop application that generates Sudoku puzzles and contains a few nifty features […]

Why vSphere Web Client runs on port 9443

Admittedly, I’ve been on this issue far too long. And by issue, I should say issues, all of which may/not resemble the following: Administrator@vsphere.local lacks basic permissions. vCenter Server doesn’t appear in inventory, or is invisible. ERROR: Failed to connect to host _______ in the bottom-right corner (notification) Failed to verify the SSL certificate for […]

Can YOU Follow Instructions?

Whether you’re making touchdowns, placing bricks, or behind the steering wheel, INSTRUCTIONS are critical in ensuring optimal performance and success. Without instructions written by experienced individuals, many tasks would seem unnecessarily more difficult, such as baking caramel shortbread, or near impossible with the case of IKEA furniture. I would like to introduce a new app, […]

Garden Images

Hey there! For all Grade 12 students at FMSS, today is a special day; the final day of school. Final exams were concluded for all courses today, with report cards being distributed Thursday. Although disheartening, this is a milestone that will lead to many new, crazy, and awesome adventures in the future. I wish all […]