When hacking in a team, there are always some problem that devolves into peer programming. In a physical Hackathon, this is but a chair roll away. When virtual, your options become more limited. Either one person shares their screen at 5 frames per second over Zoom, or git is involved in ways it definitely should not be.

Introduced as an extension in 2018, Microsoft Visual Studio Live Share allows individuals to share a collaborative, live integrated development environment (IDE) like a Google doc. It also facilitates sharing of terminal sessions, web servers, and has integrated voice calling. All of this is available at no extra charge, irrespective of Visual Studio license, and works across both Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code.

You will encounter many peer-programming scenarios in your Hackathon journey — especially when virtual. Let us explore some common ones and how Live Share can help your team work as effectively and efficiently as possible — after all, the clock’s ticking.

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