Project GraPi – Loose ends (#04)

Creating a health dashboard by hacking intelligence into an AOpen (the ‘A’ for ancient) monitor; with metrics aggregated by Graphite and beautifully displayed with Grafana. As promised, let’s dive into some of the modifications made to Audio Control and USB/Ethernet Hub – all part of the master plan. Audio Control – Moving Audio IN, INside […]

LTT – Karma Fields – Build The Cities ft. Kerli (Project 46 Remix)

Hello! I’ve been playing a lot of Sid Meier’s Civilization recently as Bismark of Germany. Popular to contrary belief, I value the economic and production benefits, which help aplenty in city development and city-state relationships. Then, once late-game, I can bask in the war/army benefits. I couldn’t contain my satisfaction from stumbling across this piece, […]