LTT – Bon Iver – Skinny Love

Good day/night to you!

I hope you’re having a good time! It is the weekend after all!
Care for a suggestion on this weekends activities? Get outside.

Literally. Get out there. Tend to your garden, take a walk, bike, frolic in meadows – just take in that fresh air and enjoy the world around you.

Quite recently, I’ve had an experience which led to reminisce in the simple things. Through this ‘window’, I’ve managed to experience the life we leave behind in our drive, our evolution, towards a futuristic age.

And before this turns into a discussion weighing the pros of active human ingenuity and the simple, but quiet past, I just want it known that it never hurts to remember – and if you cant – then think, about the simple days.

Days where you awake in the morning to not 8 o’clock traffic, but the sound of birds.
Days where your job didn’t involve working in metal structures built above ground, but on the ground itself.
Days where sleep was greeted not with dread as wasted time, but as a period of serene relaxation for the days ahead.

Ladies and gentlemen, Bon Iver – Skinny Love

Again, just try to recall the elementary days. You’ll be a better person in the end, really.

Enjoy, support the artists, and have a great day.

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