December Update + FLL

Hey there,

Yes, I know, it has been awhile.

Fall is nearly over, and with winter around the corner, so is the new year.

So, let’s get this out of the way:
No, I was not dead, just preoccupied with a lot of school-related things. One being a seminar on Fibre Optic Technology, and the other being FLL.

For those unaware, FLL – FIRST Lego League – is a program that introduces and encourages child interest in the Science and Technology fields. This years challenge was known as Trash Trek, and quite ironically, involves handling the growing concerns over garbage buildup.
Children collaborate in teams, either created by schools, or by communities. They must engineer their own solution towards this issue, and create a presentation on it.
The other portion – my favorite portion – is the robot game sponsored by LEGO. Children must build autonomous robots out of LEGO that complete this mini-missions on a game board.
My high school was fortunate to be hosting our regional FLL tournament for the 2nd time.

A majority of my time was spend being a referee, and becoming affiliated with the accommodations of this event.
Was it a lot of work? Hell yes.
Was it worth it? Most definitely.
There is no end to the satisfaction felt from realizing that you’ve just inspired a generation of children into loving Science and Technology. Who knows? One of them could be the next great engineer.
Ever since participating in the FLL Food Factor 2011 Challenge, I’ve been hooked to both FLL, and FIRST.
I’ve also mentored my middle school’s 2012 Senior Solutions team, and reffed the 2014 World Class Challenge.

Anyways, I’m sorry for my abrupt appearance, and haste departure.

Before I go, let me leave you with the suggestion of checking out FIRST (go ahead and click the logo above!). It’s changed my life, and I bet it would for you as well.

Have a good day!

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