WordPress Error 500 for uploaded files

A long time ago, I’ve uploaded a picture of my Purple Leaf Plum during the summer. Now, after numerous updates and server changes, I tried to access the image only to get thrown a generic PHP error 500.Further investigation shows that it also happened with quite a few older files as well, including some images […]

Can YOU Follow Instructions?

Whether you’re making touchdowns, placing bricks, or behind the steering wheel, INSTRUCTIONS are critical in ensuring optimal performance and success. Without instructions written by experienced individuals, many tasks would seem unnecessarily more difficult, such as baking caramel shortbread, or near impossible with the case of IKEA furniture. I would like to introduce a new app, […]

Major Site + Domain Update IN-PROGRESS

EDIT: All content should be back where it was, with the exception of MiscMath (Deprecated) and Minecraft (In-Progress). Hey there! Quite recently, there have been some major, unannounced (sorry) changes with how this website and my services are delivered. Firstly, I am now using a dedicated .ca domain; alvinr.ca Thus, services such as Minecraft and […]