Major Site + Domain Update IN-PROGRESS

EDIT: All content should be back where it was, with the exception of MiscMath (Deprecated) and Minecraft (In-Progress).

Hey there!

Quite recently, there have been some major, unannounced (sorry) changes with how this website and my services are delivered.

Firstly, I am now using a dedicated .ca domain;
Thus, services such as Minecraft and Teamspeak can now be accessible with the same credentials, but under the address

Secondly, I’ve switched the entire site over to a CMS – WordPress.
My original goal with this site was to develop it from the bottom-up – from raw HTML to something amazing. Due to a lack of time and resources, I’ve decided to use WordPress. This should give the site a more ‘complete’ feel, whilst having full mobile-accessibility.

I will continue developing projects/experiments as usual.

Note that not everything has been carried over, yet.

Another update will be released upon the finished migration of web-content. As such, expect missing pages/content.

Thank you.

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