We’re taking the conventional ‘map’ out of navigation with our highly interactive, virtual environment in a pocket – the Campus Navigator.

ATLABS, 2019

With our Android application boasting features such as routing, POIs, and discussion, you’ll find your experience, as well as learning about campus, a whole lot more intuitive.



The lack of a well-formed map negatively affects how students discover and involve themselves on campus. Due to the lack of such a resource, students are reluctant to partake in campus events, as well as take advantage of the various services offered by Sheridan College.


The Campus Navigator currently features the entirety of the Sheridan College, Davis Campus. With built-in routing across levels, a student can navigate from the 3rd floor of the A all the way to the 1st floor of the J.


Atlabs hopes to expand this solution to more institutions.

Furthermore, we wish to tap into the commercial sector by catering an edition of our solution for malls, airports, and underground areas such as The Path.



Atlabs was born from a Sheridan College capstone project for the 2016-2019 SDNE (Software Development & Network Engineering) program.
With an original mindset in developing indoor mapping solutions for The Path in Toronto, we started with the Sheridan College, Davis campus.

Alvin Ramoutar
CEO, Project Manager


Jennifer To
Digital Development Lead


Pavan Kumar Kuntumalla
Digital Writing Lead

Anish Jagadisan
Experience Lead

Want to know how the experience went? Well, let me tell you.