A couple weeks ago, I presented an internal workshop at PointClickCare as part of a Learnathon – 2 weeks of buffet-style workshops delivered by staff and vendors followed by a 1 week project period akin to a Hackathon.

In this session, we covered theory around Kubernetes pod life cycles, along with operator considerations. In the remaining time, we chatted about probes, readiness gates and container life cycle hooks.

Overall it was a great experience. I always find it tricky presenting to a mixed audience (in this case, a mix of both infrastructure engineers and SREs) but at the end of the day the content was relatively digestible and will be a part of our formal learning pathways moving forward.
For the next one, I’ll see if I can add more cross-interactive components so workshop participants can get an opportunity to work together rather than a silo in their lab environment.

There was a practical lab portion to this published internally, but the theory I’ve sanitized and releasing here publicly.

Give it a read and learn something new – I know I did 🙂

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