Not long from now we will be seeing a surge of new interns enter the tech space for winter 2022, along with a surge of fresh hires starting their IT journeys.

If you have reached this far, congratulations! You have already convinced your employer of your unique talents that make you best suited for this role. Keep that ball rolling and show the rest of your team why you belong there as well!

Make a strong first impression, arrive early, and submit deliverables on time — all of which are generic advice heard at the beginning of employment. Let us skip the boring-alities and head straight to some of the meat and gravy that will make you highly successful, fast.

At the core of it, both leadership and your team members are looking for integration. How well do you fit in on a daily basis? Can you work together with the team on similar problems while bringing your own creativity to the table?
If you got up and left tomorrow, will the team even notice?
Your worth on any team must be visible — highly specialized/siloed initiatives do not count.

For this piece, we will dive into what some of the technical pieces you can embark on to reach new levels of involvement that will build a strong foundation to help you integrate with your team, and the overall organization.

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