LTT – Karma Fields – Build The Cities ft. Kerli (Project 46 Remix)


I’ve been playing a lot of Sid Meier’s Civilization recently as Bismark of Germany.
Popular to contrary belief, I value the economic and production benefits, which help aplenty in city development and city-state relationships. Then, once late-game, I can bask in the war/army benefits.

I couldn’t contain my satisfaction from stumbling across this piece, which matched the theme of ‘civilization’ entirely.

Presenting Karma Fields – Build The Cities ft. Kerli (Project 46 Remix)

Listen, enjoy, heil hitler, and have a great day.

LTT – Phoebe Ryan – Mine (LYONS Remix)

Hey There!

I’d like to introduce a new category of posts – Listen To This! (LTT).

Posts affixed with this category will have a song that has appealed to me, and would hopefully appeal to you.

Why music though? Out of everything, why?
Because it is in my belief, that music is a portal to the soul, a free and flowing form of expression that cannot be restrained by law or society or time.

The piece for today will be Phoebe Ryan – Mine (LYONS Remix)

EDIT: It seems this track has gone missing. I’ll be hosting it for the meanwhile.