Project GraPi – Boom, CLAP the sound of my Goals (#02)

Creating a health dashboard by hacking intelligence into an AOpen (the ‘A’ for ancient) monitor; with metrics aggregated by Graphite and beautifully displayed with Grafana.

Let’s get some simple objectives and materials down before I change my mind.
That way, I’ll have a post to update when I do.


  • All hardware must be contained within the AOpen monitor.
  • Monitor should remain mountable.
  • Minimal power consumption from new hardware.
  • Minimal heat dissipation from new hardware.
  • Hardware (compute) should be sufficient to load a live Grafana dashboard.
  • Audio playback though integrated speakers for alarms (optional).
  • Switchable to secondary input (optional).


* no guarantees that any of these links will remain functional

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