Sudoku Engine

It’s been a few months since its completion, but I finally got around to making this post. Here’s to the release of Sudoku!

Sudoku Engine

Java Sudoku Engine is a project built using FXML for PROG24178 at Sheridan College. It’s a neat little desktop application that generates Sudoku puzzles and contains a few nifty features that I’m sure Sudoku fanatics will love.

Check it out at Github, where you can also download it.



Sudoku is an old number-placement puzzle, originating with recordable evidence during the 1800’s from an experiment with magic squares. The objective of Sudoku is to fill a grid with digits between 1-9 – the catch being that no two are to be repeated in a row, column, and individual 3×3 square. The end result can be compared to that of a Latin Square, a collection of elements with a nearly indistinguishable pattern.

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