…because I need you to assemble IKEA furniture!

In today’s day and age, it is very difficult to come across a task in which has never been attempted, never been documented. As such, there lies very little reason for one to make mistakes, considering the instructions are but a ‘google search’ away.

The following is a simple assessment to test ones capability of accurately following instructions. Read all instructions before proceeding with answers. Nothing is stored or cached anywhere but locally – feel free to check the source. Good luck!

Whether you’re making touchdowns, placing bricks, or behind the steering wheel, INSTRUCTIONS are critical in ensuring optimal performance and success. Without instructions written by experienced individuals, many tasks would seem unnecessarily more difficult, such as baking caramel shortbread, or near impossible with the case of IKEA furniture.
Usually, instructions are placed with a helpful state of mind. When an end user misinterprets, or even ignores instructions, it tends to result in their own detriment.
It may seem as a surprise, but many individuals of society today do not feel the need to follow instructions. In the case of tech support, reading a products’ manual is a simple method in ensuring long product life, and short frustrations at the local fix and repair. This negligence for instructions can lead to devastating events if build codes aren’t followed, or if chemical warnings aren’t heed.
In fact, reading over EVERY instruction would have saved you several minutes then tackling them like a shopping list.
Despite the solid evidence over the importance of following instructions, it sometimes bodes well NOT to. Creating your own path and method for accomplishing a task may be the only way to reach maximum efficiency. Heck, your deviating from the norm may result in a new and interesting approach to the same problem! At the end of the day, it’s up to you to choose how you approach a problem. Choose wisely!

#1 | Do you understand the conditions above?

#2 | What is your name? Don’t worry, nothing is being recorded. Feel free to use an alias if you feel uncomfortable.

#3 | Calculate the sum of all numbers before 10 (0+1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9).

#4 | What computer language is the following an example of? 1111 1010 1100 1110

#5 | Spell ‘Deoxyribonucleic’

#6 | What three letters are ordered consecutively on the QWERTY-Layout (US-Standard Keyboard) AS they appear in the alphabet?

#7 | How many continents are there?

#8 | What is the average length of the moon’s orbit around earth (days)?

#9 | Each shipping container contains 12 US-Standard keyboards. Shipping containers are loaded onto trucks, with each truck carrying 12 containers. 6 trucks carry their loads to an unorthodox buyer. The buyer is only interested in the alphabetical keys on the keyboards. How many alphabetical keys does the buyer now have?

#10 | Do you like muffins? If you do, please select ‘yes’, and enter your favourite type. If you don’t, please select ‘no’, and enter your reason why.
Yes: What type?
No: Why?

#11 | What is the length (in CM) of your arm?

#12 | What is your favourite colour? Feel free to enter its name, or even better, HTML hexadecimal code.

#13 | What is the acronym for Light-Emitting Diode?

#14 | What is the process in certain organisms that convert light energy into chemical energy?

#15 | We all know what the primary colors are. Purple and green are two of the three secondary colors. What is the third?

#16 | The average human hand has 5 digits. The average human foot has 5 digits. If the average human has two arms, and two legs, how many teeth does the average adult have?

#17 | What is the molecule ‘Dihydrogen Monoxide’ most often referred to as?

#18 | An apple is a fruit. Celery is a vegetable. Beef is a meat. What is a peanut?

#19 | Which wire has a larger ‘size’, or thickness? Choose only one!
A) 2-awg electrical wire
B) 16-awg electrical wire

#20 | Ignore the command found in question #12. Instead, fill the blank with the hexadecimal representation of the color white.

#21 | The sun rises in the east, and sets in the..

#22 | What is not a member of the sweet orange family?

#23 | The reciprocal of 1/2 is…

#24 | Do not complete ANY of these instructions, with the EXCEPTION of #2. Enter in the field: ignotum per ignotius.

#25 | The ‘K’ in CMYK stands for:

When complete, press SUBMIT below.