Project Pokedex


Search Engine for pokemon, and more!

The following is an application that utilizes the generation 1 Pokdex GUI to display various tidbits of information about various aspects in the Pokemon universe. What are you waiting for? Hit the large Pokedex text above!

This application requires an HTML5 compatible browser that can retrieve jQuery from GoogleAPI.
Application also requires a resolution of 800×600.
Application created for desktops, as such, mobile functionality is not promised.

Contains 8 different functions:
1. Pokemon Search
2. Type Search
3. Move Search
4. Ability Search
5. Egg Group Search
6. Description Search
7. Sprite Search
8. Game Search

Search engine will tolerate misuse of capitalization. Search engine also accepts NATIONAL INDEX ID’s.
Search engine will NOT tolerate misspelling.

/help | Brings you back here.
/clear | Clears the console and display elements.
/exit | Closes the application.

Having trouble loading the application?
– Try clearing browser cache
– Refreshing the application/page
– Try a different browser

Having trouble getting results?
– Reference the nation index ID instead

Thanks to PokeAPI, Veekun, and PokemonDB for their vast catalog of information.