Old and outdated. Will probably update, someday…

Hello, my name is Alvin. I am pursuing a professional career in Virtualization with a branch interest in Network Administration. I find this field very enticing because the near future will be filled with many innovations and new technologies with amazing capabilities. With all of the advanced features these technologies and solutions bring, they also bring complexity when it comes to deployment. I dislike this complexity, for it is the reason the I.T. world is a land where very few venture. Whether it has to do with the complexity, the difficulty to adapt with the speed of innovation, or the pricing of this knowledge. Luckily, Virtualization is the latest, flexible, and mess-free, and inexpensive solution to the metamorphic wall of physical wires and machines. Flexible, with the ability to rapidly deploy entire workstations, and preform maintenance on-the-go, whenever, with no downtime. Mess-Free, with very minimal physical hardware to deal with, and the power to control multiple from a single machine, wherever, whenever. Inexpensive, saving money on physical client machines, hardware, and maintenance (e.g. cooling) costs.

I believe I would be successful in this career, for I have a lot of pre-schooled experience, skills, and interest in Virtualization. I begun virtualization at the age of around 12, when I first picked up interest in my dad’s career. For my dad, it began as a small interest, that grew and went on hold when he became an accountant. My dad was studying Virtualization with VMWare solutions, and Citrix – Virtual Networking solutions. It was at this age when I created my first VM, and from there, my first stable, virtual, workstation of 10 machines running off of an ESX host managed through VCenter with services being deployed through Citrix XenApp. My interests computer sciences, and dates back as far as I can remember, and is mostly why I have an unwavering love for computers and the devices they are a part of. I possess strong skills in problem solving, patience, and focus. These are skills that help me throughout my education, and through my studies in computer science. Whether it is waiting an hour for the creation of a virtual disk, or digging through virtual NiC issues in a virtual network, I have managed to maintain my patience and focus, solving these issues effectively.